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"We are in New Braunfels , Texas, between San Antonio and Austin, and it has been HOT!!Our chery tomatoes have tough skins and the radishes have black spots inside. Would the heat cause the tough skins? Wondering if the additive we put in the soil might be the radish spots?"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Yes, hot weather is the culprit with your thick-skinned tomatoes. During very hot temperatures, tomatoes will thicken their skins in an effort to conserve moisture. This is a natural response to high temps. It helps, though, to keep your tomatoes mulched so the soil stays cool and slightly moist at all times. Radishes are very intolerant to hot conditions and will show all sorts of stress when the temps climb. They are a cool-weather crop and can't tolerate heat."

Answered by BHGgardenEditors