non-blooming dogwood
My pink dogwood has bloomed little or not at all the past 2 years. It looks very healthy. What's wrong?
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Lovely dogwoods light up yards in spring with their beautiful blooms. Here's why your trees may not be putting on the quite the display you expected.

Like people, dogwoods have a lifespan. After 35-40 years, they tend to stop flowering well. And if your trees are just a couple of years old, they may not be mature enough to bloom.

Insects and disease stress the tree and can prevent it from flowering. Watch for spotted leaves, wilted shoots, or holes in the bark as signs of trouble.

Even though dogwoods are understory trees, they do need some light to bloom. If yours is in deep shade, you may need to move it to a brighter spot in order to get flowers.



Answered by BHGgardenEditors