Where to find Curb Appeal/Re-landscaping ideas for Ranch Style homes
We are in the Pacific Northwest, down to zone 5, most often zone 7. I'm looking to re-landscape our front yard. We also have a huge duck pond that could be a showstopper with proper landscaping design. The home is a 1960's Ranch Style that needs help with curb appeal & I'd like to start with landscaping. I haven't found much info. about Ranch Style homes at all. I don't care for mid-century modern, but more of a lush and somewhat manicured look. Semi-formal, lots of flowers
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Look at www.bhg.com for gardening plans you can download. There are many different plans that would suit your home and pond as is, or that can be adapted. Also, check out Liz Primeau's book, Front Yard Gardens, for more ideas. Try lots of natural grasses against the house and around the pond, for backbone and to set off all of those flowers.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors