Rock wall design ideas
Hi there! I live in Apache Junction, Az, almost at the base of the beautiful Superstition Mtns. My acre and a quarter is 85% rock! I think this area is Zone 13, which makes everything fry! I need to find a source for rock wall ideas since I have to make a fence out of what I have, and I have tons of ROCK! I have looked at countless magazines, but they all seem to be too fancy for our area and my home. My house is NOT Southwestern in style, but more a 20-year-old small ranch.
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You live in USDA Zone 8, which is definitely warm, but there are lots of plants you can grow there. has Plan-A-Garden, which would help you to site rock walls on your property without hauling them first. A dry stacked wall would probably be your best bet. Just start stacking and fitting! You could also use some of those rocks within a rock garden. Plant roots stay moist when they are beneath rocks. You may have to bring in topsoil to give yourself more dirt to work with.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors