Plants for under fir trees?
Hi three huge fir trees along the front line of my property. Anything planted under them dies. I've not been able to get the grass to grown under the trees. The is on the east side of the house and I live in Edmonds, WA. What plants will survived being under fir trees and how should I plant them? What can I plant in the area where there was grass at one time. My husband tells me it was just sod that was put down to sell the house. Thanks.
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Thanks for writing. It's difficult gardening under established evergreen trees because they cast too much shade for lawngrasses to grow. Instead, you'll want to look for shade-loving groundcovers.

But the problem with the firs is that they have massive root systems -- and they absorb the lion's share of the moisture and nutrients from the soil. So you'll need to give anything you plant under your firs extra water to get them established.

Some relatively drought-tolerant groundcovers that like shade include epimedium, lily-of-the-valley, and bigroot geranium. Learn more about these and other good varieties in our Plant Encyclopedia!

Answered by BHGgardenEditors