Planting on a Slope
We've got a pretty steep slope at the side of our house that does get some southern exposure (it slopes to the north and the north side is wooded.) Right now it is just growing "natural" with a combination of grass, weeds, and some bad looking "bushes". What would a low to no maintenance solution be? Our irrigation system does reach that area, but it's hard to even used the weed whacker on it because it's such a steep slope.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Three cheers to you for being willing to take on this "steep" challenge. The first order of business is to tame the slope. It is important to erradicate all the weeds before replanting with desirable plants. Take extra time now to avoid cumbersome slope-side weeding down the road. A nonselective herbicide might be your best choice for killing the vegetation.

Low-growing, evergreen shrubs are a good solution to your low. Several varieties of juniper will work nicely. Add color and seasonal interest by planting clumps of ornamental grass. Maidengrass (Miscanthus gracillimus) is a good option.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors