Ground cover in full sun
How close should I plan my lambs ears to create a ground cover and how long will it take for them to create a blanket of such. This area is in full sun and is being planted in 18"" of new soil( a mix of top soil and mulch) of which was brought in by the yard. If I do not necessarily want the flower after it has bloomed can I just cut it off back to the height of the soft ground cover of ears? Barbara Carse
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Hi Barbara,

Thanks for writing. If you have good, rich soil, you can plant your lamb's ears a foot or so apart. The better your soil is, the faster they'll grow.

If you want to maintain the silver carpet effect, cut your lamb's ears flower stalks as soon as you see them develop. Don't wait until they rise above the foliage, otherwise you may be left with some hard, stubby stems embedded in the leaves.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,


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