putting down mulch
Can you please tell me if you are putting down mulch how close to you come to the grass? my husband says it should be placed right next to the grass. I like to keep a small space between the mulch and the grass so when you mow the grass does not get into the mulch. I also like to make an edge around the tree before I place the mulch so there is a even look to the area He likes to just put the mulch down. i do all the weeding
Submitted by carolyn3456

Hi, Well it does come down to personal preference, but I like to leave a space between my mulched beds and the edge of my turf areas to allow the wheel of the mower to go through without catching the mulch in the mower. I don't worry about grass getting into the mulch because the grass quickly dries up and disappears in the mulch, but I just don't want to be shooting mulch all over with my lawn mower.

Answered by doug.jimerson