what kind of tree is this
How do i figure out what kind of tree/shrub i have in my front yard?! I have looked at online 'what kind of tree is it' sites.. and even going through all of the questions I have not found mine? I need to know what it is so I can take care of it.. anyone know of a good book or site that might work?
Submitted by jennielynsnyder

Hi, Well I would take a sample to your local nursery, landscape or garden center for identification. You can also take photos of the foliage, bark, etc and post them on our Forums to see if anyone can identify. You can send us the link in Garden Doctor and we'll also take a look at them. Plus, when you post photos, post a good description (height of tree, color and shape of foliage, any interesting bark, where the tree is planted--in a yard or in a wild situation, any fall color or spring flowers, etc).

Answered by doug.jimerson