Need help with problem area of landscaping
Hi: I really need some landscaping suggestions for this large area in front of our home we moved in to last summer. It took us all fall to remove ugly trees, bushes, and weeds up to our waists. We called it our jungle, now its our desert. I need help to know what to do I do have photo I would love to e-mail you photos. There is a sprinkler system in the area, but I need this area to be pretty much low maintenance. Please help me!!!
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Although you're looking for low-maintenance, a little work before planting will help you immensely. Be sure to dig out all the roots you can from the previous plants, and if the soil is heavy clay or sandy dry, mix in lots of compost. The better you can get the soil now, the better your plants will grow in the future.

Luke Miller, editor

Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine

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