Large garden landscaping
I have two long retaining walls on the slope on the side of my yard (1 on top of the other-full sun). I'm having trouble landscaping these large areas-the yard area above each wall is appprox. 10-12 feet wide and 20-25 feet long. There are a lot of garden ideas for small spaces-how about large open ones? Any ideas or resources?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Because of the large scale of your project, start with large plants--shrubs, specifically. Choose your favorites and try to choose some that will offer interest for all seasons; spring bloomers, summer bloomers, fall color, and evergreens for winter. If you choose larger shrubs like common lilac, you might plant a single specimen. If you choose a dwarf variety like Miss Kim lilac, plant in odd-numbered groups like three or five shrubs. After you have an attractive informal arrangement of shrubs, choose large-scale perennials next. Many of the ornamental grasses will fit in perfectly and add a new texture to complement the foliage of the shrubs. Add in a variety of perennials you like, but plan to buy the perennials in quantities of a dozen or more. Plant them in large drifts (five to ten plants grouped together, for example) and repeat them in additional irregular-shaped drifts (larger or smaller) elsewhere in the beds. Finally, plant a few trailing perennials near the edge of the retaining wall so they can trail over and soften the hard edge of the wall. By the way, I scanned through my entire book collection and found nothing I can recommend specifically for designing a large garden. (Everything I ran across is more about designing an entire yard.)

Answered by BHGgardenEditors