Landscaping over a septic tank drainage field
I have a large back yard that is surrounded on three sides by an established forest. The lawn is very sunny in the middle and shady around the edges. I would like to break up the expanse of grass by adding paths and perennials. What would you suggest? I know there are limitations on what can be planted. I live in central North Carolina. Help and Thanks.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Feel free to design your garden's perennial/shrub beds and paths without regard to the septic system. Their root systems won't bother the septic system. Keep the septic tank access clear (sometimes it's capped with a lid and sometimes it's buried) so you won't have to destroy plants when the tank needs pumped out. Also, use caution when digging deep planting holes so you don't damage the drainage tile. These days, the drainage tile in the laterals is usually not tile at all, but perforated black plastic tubing. The only two limitations on your garden design are be 1-keep any additional tree plantings off to the sides, as the forest is now, and 2-depending on the system's size and arrangement, it may be extremely tricky to find an open spot for an in-ground pond.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors