Transparent Spots on Okra
"Hi, there are tiny water droplet kind of spots on the bottom of my Okra leaves. Also the leaves are yellowing and falling off. The bottle gourd plant next to it is also showing wilting and browning of the bottom leaves. I had grown both these plants from seeds month or two ago and are now about 4-5 inches tall. I was wondering if the plants are infected by some disease/pest, and what needs to be done? -Thanks, Mukti"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

"If it were just the okra plant that was dropping leaves, I'd be tempted to just say to ignore it and let it grow. Okra sometimes sheds its lower leaves as it grows and blooms. But since there's another plant nearby with similar symptoms, you need to investigate further.

Your plants could be infected with a wilt disease, nematodes, or be victims of compacted or poor soil.

The best bet would be to take one of the leaves to your local county extension office for an evaluation and recommendations on control.


Answered by BHGgardenEditors