Starting a veggie/fruit garden in the yard
Live in VA and have a raised garden bed. Interested in using section of yard to create a bigger garden. Want to begin now, and possibly get a start on some fall plants? And have the space partially prepped for next year? Our soil has clay, so we know it will be best to replace at least a few inches of soil with compost/manure, etc. Any other basics tips to get started? How many inches deep should we dig? How do we stay ahead of the clay problem? What could we plant now for fall blooming?
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Thanks for writing. I'd add as much organic matter, such as compost, to the soil as you can --- this will help break up the clay so your vegetables can thrive. You can also mix in some well-rotted manure if you like to additional organic matter and nutrients.

Here are more tips for starting a vegetable garden from scratch:

    Now as far as planting goes, your average first frost date is October 30 --- so start with that date. Look at the average number of days it takes a variety to mature (you can find it on the seed packet) and count backward from the October 30 date --- that will tell you when you should plant your varieties to get a fall crop.

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