Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a patio tomato plant that grows yellow tomatoes? My red toms are doing great, but love those yellow ones also. Thanks, barbaraparm
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I love Tumbling Tom Yellow from Pinetree Garden Seeds (888/527-3337 or Territorial Seed Company has a yellow tomato called Taxi that grows into a nice compact 2'-by-2' bush (800/626-0866 D. Landreth Seed Company lists three for the patio, including Gold Nugget, Nebraska Wedding, and Russian Persimmon (800/654-2407 The following catalogs have extensive yellow tomato listings, but don't identify which ones might do well in containers: Tomato Growers Supply Company (888/478-7333, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (417/924-8917, Totally Tomatoes (800/345-5977, and Seed Savers Exchange (563/382-5990

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