Help with Curling Foxgloves
Help with Foxgloves. I have a few of these plants that are curling over . Is this from excessive moisture or lack of? I even have a few that the flowering stalks lean hard to one side . What can i do to get them to stand upright again ?and re-bloom ? I live in North east Ohio and plants are anywhere from 3 to 5 feet tall..... Thanks
Submitted by bskttcse

Hi, You don't say how much sunlight they are getting. In general, when plants get tall and leggy and fall over, it's a sign they aren't getting enough sunlight. Also, foxgloves generally don't rebloom after their main flowering period. Remember, foxgloves are biennials so each plant only lives for two years (blooming in their second year). They often look like they are perennials because they appear in the same spot all the time, but they resow themselves easily so it looks like the same plants year after year.

Answered by doug.jimerson