Cutting back Chrysanthemum
Last October I planted a lot of Chrysanthemum and as of today they are about 3 feet tall and they have no bloom buds as of yet. I know that they usually bloom in the fall but one of my plants have flowers growing at the bottom of the plant. When I planted these they were in a 6" pot. I have never had chrysanthemum go like these. They look healthy and are a nice green color I'm just not sure they should be this tall. I did cut them back last year.
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Thanks for writing. There are lots of different types of mums; some will grow to be several feet tall. If you're already seeing flower buds, it's probably too late to pinch them this year, but if you don't want them this large, you can pinch them more frequently next year.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by BHGgardenEditors