coneflowers not doing good this year?
My coneflowers did really well last year. This year they are flowering but the leaves on them almost look dead. Do they need to be moved to a different place?
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If the foliage on your coneflowers looks dead but are still blooming, they likely have gotten infected with a foliar fungal disease. It's also possible that they have root rot. In either case it may be related to wet weather conditions. Poor drainage can cause the roots to rot. In this instance, a different location may be the answer. In the case of foliar fungal problems, fungicidal spray may be necessary to protect the leaves from getting the fungus. It's too late this year, but if it's wet next  year, consider applying a spray.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors
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MY CONEFLOWER PETALS HAVE ALL BEEN EATEN BY SOMETHING. Every one of my flowers have only the center cone. What Can I do for this. Thank you
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