Coconut Sorbet Violas
My little coconut sorbet violas are wilting clear up to the steam for an unknown reason. I suspected rabbits but there's no other signs of them. They are in the ground, full sun, and watered daily. When given Miracle Grow Flower Food a week and a half ago they flourished! But within the last few days they started wilting again and one is turning brown. Help!
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest


Thanks for writing. How's the weather where you are? Coconut Sorbet viola is a cool-season plant and it often starts to falter once temperatures heat up --- so if it's staying more than 80F or so, that could be it.

If your temperatures are still nice and mild, then it makes me wonder about fertilizing. Have you fed your violas since you did a week and a half ago? If so, the problem could actually be too much fertilizer. When this happens, the excess fertilizer hurts the roots. Since the roots absorb moisture and nutrients for the plants, the plants start to wilt because they don't have enough roots to support all the leaves and flowers.

How moist is the soil? If it's staying wet, the problem could also be that the roots are drowning. The same kind of thing happens --- the roots die and the plant wilts. If this happens, letting the soil dry out a little more between waterings should help.

Good luck!

 ---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by BHGgardenEditors