Ground cover for moist area
I am putting in a patio surrounded by a shade garden. I am looking for a ground cover that can tolerate very moist soil... natural low point running through yard to creek. Hoping that planting something will take up some of the water. Also must be able to withstand cold winter winds. I live in VA.. Zone 7. What might you suggest?
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How about Houttuynia cordata? I call it "hoootenanny" and some people call it a pest, but it likes moist soil, takes sun or shade, and comes in a multi-color cultivar called 'Chameleon.' A word of caution: some say it is invasive (it wasn't in my yard, but I have drier soil), so be sure it's in a place where it has room to run. You might also bury some protective edging along the perimeters to keep the rhizomes from spreading where you don't want them to.

A less invasive alternative? Carpet bugleweed, also known as Ajuga reptans). It is also available in multi-color cultivars.

Luke Miller, editor

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