Establishing new landscape along front of house
I live in Delaware. My ranch house faces east, gets full morning sun, and is approx. 48' across. We put down sod in the front yard and removed all the old landscaping along front of the house. The width for landscaping is a about 3' along the house foundation. I previously had alot of spreading perennials and it just got too "busy". Can you advise something "neater" looking with low shrubs/bushes-preferably flowering ones-and annuals? Thank you.
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That's a pretty good situation, morning sun and afternoon shade, because it opens up the possibility of using plants that don't want full sun. I designed a landscape for just such a ranch-style house a year ago. Here's what worked for me: 'Karen' azalea (spring flowers and fall foliage); 'Golden Spirit' smokebush; ajuga groundcover; Caryopteris 'Sunshine Blue'; redtwig dogwood (although it requires a lot of trimming, so if you use it, position it where it won't block a window); mums; asters; yews and juniper (the latter already existed in the landscape, but I found they made a nice backdrop for the chartreuse foliage of the Caryopteris and smokebush).

Luke Miller, editor

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