Designing a side garden
I have an in home daycare and want to plant "alice in wonderland" like garden for my kids to walk through as they come in. I have very sandy soil and it part sun to sun. I'm just not sure what to plant over there. We live in Bothell, WA just outside of Seattle. Can you give me any suggestions?
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That sounds like fun! I'd start with some interesting structures that are painted bright colors. An arbor, a fence and gate. Anything that gives the impression kids are entering a special place. If you don't have a budget for that, then mark off the garden with rocks or bricks. Or plant Jerusalem artichokes (a cheap hedge that will mature in a few months). Then include interesting and unusual flowers such as sunflowers, balsam (touch me not), boltonia, tithonia, butterflyweed and lots of grasses. The bright colors, interesting textures and impressive heights will all beckon to children. You might also include beans on a trellis, ornamental corn, and odd gourds. Whatever is a little out of the ordinary is sure to captivate young'uns!

Good luck!

Luke Miller, editor

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