Curb appeal and freeze thaw
I live in Central Illinois and have a small front porch and long straight sidewalk to the curb. The house borders one side of the walk and the garage borders the other side of the walk (for about 10 feet). I have been unsuccessful in growing heliotrope on the side of the walkway nearest the garage because of the freeze thaw cycle. Plants will grow on the side nearest the house. Can you recommend a perennial or small shrub that can withstand the freeze thaw cycle? I need some curb appeal!
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What you need are guerilla perennials, a term coined by Holly Scoggins, assistant professor of horticulture at Virginia Tech. Here are a few that will give quick results without much help from you:

Yarrow, 'Powis Castle' artemisia, plumbago, heliopsis, rose mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos), catnip, moss phlox, and coneflower.

Luke Miller, editor

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