Country living in a ranch style home
My ranch style home is on 2.5 acres of land and faces north. I have 3-4 feet out from the house and all around my house to plant flowers, shrubs, etc. I am looking to find a landscape plan for this type of garden. Also, part of my driveway is crush concrete and dirt what can grow on that???
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Have you looked at the plans on Most of the plans are for gardens, but there are a couple designed as foundation plantings. From, click on Garden Plans, then Deluxe Landscape Plans. The two foundation plantings I see are "A Small Front Yard" and "A Large, Welcoming Front Yard." Since you want to focus on plantings right around your home, you can ignore the larger drifts of plantings that extend into the yard. Another option is to buy BH&G's "Step-by-Step Landscaping". It's available on the website for $15.95. There are template-like landscape designs and a handy plant selection guide to help you choose which plants fit into your landscape. If you want to plant next to your driveway where the ground has crushed concrete and is compressed from vehicle traffic, start by removing concrete chunks and amending the soil with lots of organic matter like compost or shredded leaves. You may have to chisel at the hard ground with a garden fork (flat-tined pitch fork) to work in the organic matter. Then try planting sedum, either the tall 'Autumn Joy' or the ground creeper types

Answered by BHGgardenEditors