Bougainvillea not blooming
I was given a boganvelia plant last spring. I put it outside in a big planter with the soil it came in and extra to fill the pot. The branches are huge, but they never produced flowers. I water every day since we live in central TX and it has been over 100 a few days this summer and in the 90s the rest of the time. Now that it's cooling down into the 80s I'm hoping to see some blooms. What season do they bloom in and will I get blooms during the hot days of summer? How can I get it to bloom?
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Bougainvillea should bloom all summer, but you are overwatering. This plant should not receive much water at all. Also make sure that it is in full sun and is not getting too much nitrogem, which makes the branches grow but not the flowers. And remember that bougainvillea is not hardy in your area. Bring it indoors for winter; keep it in a cool spot. Prune in spring.

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