Black spots on hollyhocks
Off my back porch I had a healthy growing of hollyhocks already about 4 ft tall, 2 days ago they were very full and I couldn't see under their base near the ground. Now tonight I noticed in just that short time a lot of the leaves on the bottom have died away and a lot of black spots on some holes in the big leaves. I still have a lot of buds on the top, but right now I can see all the way through the bottom of the plants and it does look like it is dying and I can see the bottom to the ground.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Oh, those hollyhocks! They are known for developing diseases that end up giving them 'ugly legs'. Keep the dead leaves picked off and throw them in the garbage. Next year, plant them in a spot with full sun and good air circulation. There isn't much you can do, other than to plant other things at the base of the plants to cover them up. I always plant them behind shorter annuals or perennials, because more years than not, they drop their lower leaves.  

Answered by BHGgardenEditors