how to grill vegetables in aluminum foil
How do I grill vegetables in aluminum foil?
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Sadly, Garden Doctor is designed to answer gardening questions. Not being a very good chef myself, I suggest you go to our Food Channel on to find information about grilling in foil. I'm sure it varies depending on what kind of vegetable you want to grill:"

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Make a pocket out of the foil and place your veggies inside and crimp up the sides to form a pocket. Place gently onto the grill when it's really hot and don't disturb the foil pocket for about 20 to 25 minutes. Remove from the grill and be careful opening the pouch as steam may escape. Add butter or seasoning and serve. For a different approach to grilled veggies try skewering chunks of tomatoes, squash, onion, and new potatoes onto bamboo skewers and laying directly onto the grill.
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