brown tips on Empress trees
"I cannot find an answer to how often I should water my Empress trees. They are turning brown on the tips of the leaves and curling in. How often, and how deep do I need to water. We are in Brookings, OR, on the coast so they get lots of moisture from the air. I put them in because they said they will grown up to 8' a year. Is this true? Thanks for your answers."
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Thanks for writing. Empress trees are extremely fast-growing trees and can easily put on 8 or even 12 feet of growth per year. But that also means their wood is very weak and the tree is highly susceptible to damage from wind or pests/diseases.

In general, your tree will do best if it gets at least an inch of water a week. As with most plants, it's best to give it a thorough soaking (if you have to water because your area doesn't get enough rain) so the water penetrates deep into the soil. Frequent, shallow waterings don't help it very much.

Brown leaf tips could be the result of any number of issues, including not enough moisture, too much moisture, too much fertilizer, exposure to herbicide drift, and more.

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