blooming Bird of Paradise
"I purchased the orange Bird of Paradise one year ago - it had a bloom on it then but I have not been able to get it to bloom since. Please help with fertilizer, etc. Also should I have two plants to help this blossom?"
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You don't need to have two plants to get a bird of paradise to bloom. If it gets the right environmental conditions it should bloom for you The plant needs full sun and rich acidic soil. If your soil is not high in organic matter, try working in some compost around the plant. Also fertilize it regularly with a fertilizer formulated for blooming plants. Bird of paradise also needs to be kept moist (but not soaking wet).

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I have a 4 x 15 area that I would like to fill with orange bird of paradise. I bought 20 small plants about 8" tall. How far apart do I need to place each plant and can I plant one in front of the other lke in rows? If this is too much for this area, I can always plant the excess in other areas of my garden. Thank you.
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