Anemones died mid-summer
My pink anemones (planted this year in good soil under a crab apple tree) all flowered beautifully. Foliage was nice for a while but now, Mid-July, all leaves are dead. I'm in zone 5. Is this the usual course of anemones? Will they come back next year or did they die unnaturally of some problem?
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Thanks for writing. Were they spring-flowering anemones or fall-blooming varieties?

The spring bloomers do go dormant in summer, just like most other spring bulbs. They'll appear next spring and look even better than they did this year.

If they're the fall-blooming type, then it sounds like something bad happened to your plants. Whether your plants survive will depend on what killed the leaves. But because of it, they probably won't bloom this year.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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