Voles eating plants
What is the best way to keep voles from eating the roots from my Hostas and other plants?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Voles are poor climbers and not very persistent diggers, so it's possible to keep them away from your hostas with collars of 1/4-inch hardware cloth that are buried 5-6 inches into the soil and extending 5-6 inches above the soil. They also are deterred by digging in rocky soil. You can buy a sharp gravel or perlite product (one brand is called Vole-Bloc) to dig into the soil around the plants or work it into the soil when building a flower bed.
Another option is to trap them like mice. Baits made of equal parts peanut butter and oatmeal work well.
There are spray-on repellents that contain castor oil and other smelly compounds, but you'll have to apply them repeatedly.
I have used more than one approach, and was persistent--over time, the population of voles (and the amount of damage) did diminish.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors