Best time & date to plant Bradford Pear Trees Along Driveway
We are currently in the process of building a new home and would like to plant at least 8 Bradford Pear trees to line the entrance way of our driveway. Can you tell me the best size tree to buy, the best way to plant these trees to assure their best growth, and the best time of the year to plant them here in Central Virginia? They are beautiful, but I've heard they have a strange smell to them. Do they only smell during the spring when the trees are in full bloom? Thank you for your help!
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A university study found that smaller trees recover more rapidly after transplanting, and a skinny "whip" planted at the same time as a 3-inch caliper tree can catch up in size within a few years. But some gardeners want the larger size right off the bat. The #1 caution I can give you on planting your trees is be careful not to plant them too deeply. Find the basal flare--the spot where the trunk widens and the top roots emerge. That spot should go at or slightly above ground level. The best times to plant trees are spring and fall, because the tree can focus energy on establishing roots without the pressure of the summertime heat. Finally, I've never encountered a Bradford Pear that smells strange. They do have fragrant blossoms, and that essence goes away with the blooms.

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Do NOT plant Bradford Pear trees anywhere near your house! They are a very messy tree, they smell very bad in Spring, and they are extremely prone to breaking and falling even during slight winds. We have just had three very large Bradford Pear trees cut down in our yard. In the Fall they do have beautiful color, but that is the only redeeming feature. Just do an internet search and you will see many comments just like this.
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