How do I save a weeping willow?
A friend of mine lives in Currituck NC right on the sound and has several Weeping Willows, this year we have noticed several branches on the tree that did not produce leaves, the branches have the outer bark pulling off and separating like the bark on a live oak, and underneath on the branches there are tiny black spots.... the healthier branches have leaves and show no signs of the bark separating and black spots, what could this be and how can we treat it to save the rest of the tree?
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Willows are susceptible to a number of canker diseases. These are fungi that get into the plant and can kill sections of the tree. Once infected, there's not much that you can do for that particular branch. The main way to prevent it is to avoid wounds or injuries to the tree or branches, because cankers usually get a start in a branch wound. Also, a healthy tree is more likely to fend off a canker than one under stress. So make certain that the tree has adequate water and nutrition.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors