Is my aspen okay?
I planted three Aspen trees just north of my paved patio. The area is about 6' from the patio to the fence and and about 9' long and slopes a little. The dirt is a sandy type of dirt. Last summer the leaves got brown spots and holes and the bark began to turn an orange color and then dark brown. Do the trees need to be removed or is there something to help them. One of the trees seems to have split along the an orange streak. They manage to bloom a little so far this year.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Aspens are high-elevation trees that need cool, moist conditions to thrive. Growing them at lower elevations in Colorado almost always puts them under stress, which in turn causes disease and insect problems to set in. Anything that you can do to provide conditions closer to those the trees experience in the mountains would be helpful. That includes mulching the soil around them with 3-4 inches of organic mulch and keeping them watered well. Especially in the first couple years after planting, the trees require extra moisture until their roots become established.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors