Are my trees dying?
We have two ornamental pear trees in front of our house. They are shooting up roots at the base that I have to cut back all summer long. The product I used that was supposed to top the suckers from sprouting didn't work as well as expected. Last summer they were dropping leaves like crazy and I was afraid they were dead. The leaves would turn brown and litter the yard all during the second half of the summer. What is wrong and is there something I can do to make them look better?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

There may be several things going on with your pear trees. The sprouting suckers from the roots and your treatment of them with a sprout inhibitor may be unrelated to the leaf browning, although excess application of sprout inhibitor could cause some damage to  the rest of the tree. It's also possible that your pear trees were affected by fireblight. Fireblight usually attacks a stem and kills it, but if the disease enters through blossoms in spring, you may see localized infections and leaf drop. If you see problems redeveloping this spring, it may help to take a sample to your local Extension office for identification of the problem.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors