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I have 5 apple trees. Every year one of the trees the leaves begin to curl under then they get bumps on them finally they brown and fall off. There are no visible bugs. I spray with volck oil 4 times a year. It only affects the one tree and has done so the last 3-4 years, It has already started this year. any ideas thank you
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Is there any yellowing associated with the bumps? It sounds a little bit like cedar apple rust, a fungal disease. Some varieties of apple are susceptible to cedar-apple rust and others are not, so it wouldn't be unusual for just one tree out of 5 to show symptoms. One way to control cedar-apple rust is to remove all junipers within a half mile. Because that is seldom possible to do, you may have to spray the tree with a fungicide to prevent the disease from developing. Alternatively, you could replace the susceptible tree with a resistant variety.

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