White film on Knock out Roses
Knock out roses in a northeastern corner of our N. Georgia house get morning to early afternoon sun. They grow like crazy and produce plenty of flowers, but last year developed white "stuff" on the leaves and flower pedals. I cut back anything with the white stuff on it at the end of the summer and threw it away. I did not however remove the pine straw beneath the roses. It's back, so I trimmed it back again and removed the pine straw. What should I do next, a fungicide? - jajwiley@yahoo.com
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Without seeing the problem I can only guess, but it sounds like Powdery Mildew which can be a problem in moist, humid areas. In many cases, Powdery Mildew doesn't cause too much long term damage and will often go away when the weather heats up and dries out, but if it remains a constant problem, you'll need to spray ever week to ten days with a rose fungicide."

Answered by BHGgardenEditors