Getting Rid of Grass
We just moved to a ranch outside of town and it has a wonderful garden spot. There is a row of Asparagus that has been there for years from what I understand and we do get Asparagus out of one has worked the row for years and the grass has taken over. It isn't as simple as pulling the is like having Asparagus growing in your yard. Is there a good way to get the grass out without uprooting the Asparagus?
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Thanks for writing. Your best bet would be to cut the grass as low as you can, then cover it with several sheets of newspaper and then cover that with a couple of inches of mulch or compost. Then dig a perimeter around your asparagus bed and edge that so you don't have grass creeping back in.

Some grass may start to grow through the mulch --- if that happens, pull it as soon as you notice it.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,"

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