Flowers on Vegetables
Most of the Flowers on my Zuccini & Pumpkins grow on a stem about 4to6 inches long and the flower dries up. On the pumpkin I have got a few small pumpkins about the size of a silver dollar and then they turn soft and fall off. The Zucchini gets about an inch long gets soft and fall off they both get around 8 hours of sun. How often and how much should I be watering them? I have 2 Zucchini that are about 10 inches long should I let it grow bigger they are very solid? I water at night.
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Thanks for writing. You can harvest zucchini as small as you want --- as a general rule, the smaller the fruits are, the better the flavor they have.

As far as how much to water... The general guideline is that most vegetables do best if they get about an inch of water a week. It doesn't matter how --- if it's from the rain or you. One easy way to measure is to put a small inch-deep dish in your garden. Water until it fills up.

I'd avoid watering at night. The best time to do it is in the early morning. Watering after 4.00 p.m. or so can encourage diseases in your garden.

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