Insects on butterfly garden
I have a butterfly and hummingbird garden that is constantly getting scale and a few other insects (tiny black bugs) and some white fly. What can I treat my plants with that will not harm the hummingbirds. I have sprayed them with Organicide (oil spray) but it doesn't seem to completely rid the plants of the problem. I was going to use a systemic, but the directions said that is was harmful to birds and butterflies. Any suggestions?
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Thanks for writing. With a problem such as scale and whitefly, the key is to keep reapplying the product such as Organicide or Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew every week or two for a month or so. Note: You'll need to be really careful about this as there are few products that will kill whitefly/mealybug/etc. but not affect caterpillars.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by BHGgardenEditors