Geranium blossom dying
I brought geraniums home from a south Texas nursery. We live in the Texas Panhandle. Lots of wind and no humidity. I have had them for about 6 weeks. They are in pots.They are on a coverd poarch facing west. When it starts to flower it looks great but within a day or so the center flowers dye before the rest of the flower can bloom. I water every day to every other day depending on the amount of wind we had that day. Am I over watering? What can I do to get the flower to have a full bloom?
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I can't be sure what's happening here, but from your description I do wonder about flower stress due to the dry winds in your area. The wind could simply be drying out the center petals of the flower. As far as watering goes, make sure your plants are in a good quality potting soil (if they are still in their nursery pots, repot them) and in a pot that allows them some room for their roots to grow. I would also consider adding a mulch to the top of each pot to help preserve soil moisture. The soil surface should feel slightly moist to the touch, but not wet or too dry. Again, I can't be sure of what's happening, but I think your plants need to get more established in their new environment and protected from high winds and drying out. They also need full sun  (at least 6 to 8 hours a day).

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Top soil was used in putting in a walkway and I have 2 bags left. Can I use this for potting?
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