My 1st Clematis Vine
I just bought my 1st Clematis vine from a Home Depot. It didn't have a description stake, so I didn't know the color, variety or care instructions. None of the employees seem to know much about them either. Do most Clematis vines bloom through the summer and can I plant another in the same area on the same trellis if this one doesn't turn out to be the color or variety I wanted? Thanks, Couldn't Wait!
Submitted by sdruffin42

Hi, Clematis should do very well in New Jersey. There's an old saying about clematis "they like their heads in the sun and feet in the shade" which pretty much describes their perfect growing conditions. Basically, they need full sun ( at least 6 hours a day), but they like their roots cool so mulch your plants or plant your clematis behind other perennials that will help keep the roots shaded. Clematis are basically early summer bloomers, although some varieties will continue to flower on and off till fall. You can plant two of them on a trellis if you like as long as the trellis is large enough to provide both clematis growing room.

Answered by doug.jimerson