Morning Glories wreaking havoic
I made a huge mistake years ago, and try as I might to correct it it seems a neverending issue. I planted some Morning Glories and since then they have wrapped themselves around all my plants. I've weeded trying to catch them before the seeds drop..what else can I do?
Submitted by yawzah1

Hi, Well my guess is that you have a bindweed problem. Bindweed looks like morning glory and is related, but although domestic morning glory does spread, it's not that hard to get rid of. Bindweed, however, (it has a white flower and looks like morning glory) can be a nightmare. I have it on my farm and I pull it when I see it and hoe it when it's thick. Otherwise, mulching your garden helps keep it in check, but all you can really do is keep it from setting seed and pulling them as they appear. It's not fun, but spraying herbicide doesn't help much because the plants appear randomly throughout the garden.

Answered by doug.jimerson