Japanese Maple
Winter Park, Florida Please five me a list of proven Japanese Maples, that would grow well in our Central Florida landscapes.
Submitted by wpkaysayshi

The key to growing Japanese maples in a hot summer area like yours is afternoon shade at a minimum, or even all day shade. So it's really about placement, not as much about specific varieties. That said, the more sun it gets, the more you will want to think about a green-leaf variety rather than a purple type -- the latter tend to suffer more in full sun. But in Florida, I wouldn't even bother planting a maple in full sun. Just think of it as a shade plant.

I have also seen Japanese maples become a little more susceptible to wilt diseases in wet summers. So if you get plenty of summer moisture, which I assume you do, then make sure site drainage is good. If you have sandy soil, enrich it with organic matter, which will help keep the soil moist.

Answered by EricLiskey