Morning Glorys
why won't the deep purpel morning glories grow from seed? I saw what I call a fairy morning glore once groeing on the furige of a rood-. It was unblieveably tiny and in bloom. the flowers were as tiny as the nail bed on a premiture new boarn's little finger. was this just a fluke or can I get some seeds for them somewhere? Alice Hallock....Mt Pleasant, SC
Submitted by acphallock

Hi, Purple morning glories are usually quite easy to grow from seed. Just buy a seed pack with fresh seed from your local garden center. Sadly, I've never heard of Fairy Morning Glory and have never seen or heard of a morning glory with tiny flowers like that. Perhaps that was some sort of native plant along the roadside. I'm sorry I can't be of more help here, but you should find a variety of morning glories available at your garden center.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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the best time to sow morning glory seeds in so. Cal? thank you
Submitted by kayhanchung