Transplanting an established rose
"I am planning to move my Cecile Brunner rose to a better spot in my yard. VERY well-established, and I am trying to take as much root system when I dig it up. Any tips for hole prep, how much soil to move with the rose, things like that? I want to get it done in the next ten days, as the weather in North.VA is warming up quickly. Thanks for responding"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Well the best time to move an established rose is in the very early sspring while the plant is still dormant. Dig as large of a root ball as you can in order to minimize shock t o the plant.I recommend using a sharp spade, working around the plant. I can't see your specimen, but I'd start digging about two feet or so from the crown of the plant. If the plant is dormant it won't hurt it if you break some roots  during transplanting. And, of course, remember to move it to a sunny spot. "

Answered by BHGgardenEditors