Low-maintenance roses
"I like roses but have heard that they require a lot of care. Are there some you would recommend that are easier to grow than others?"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

These days, few gardeners have the time to inspect daily for diseases and pests. Top candidates for busy gardeners include the heirloom Gallicas, which flower before Japanese beetles attack. Fragrant Rosa gallica 'Versicolor', Zones 3-9, which offers deep-pink-and-white striped petals, is just one. Consider the rugosas as well. Rosa rugosa (Zones 2-9) bears single magenta blossoms throughout the season. Tolerant of mediocre soil, it would rather be neglected than coddled. Lately, hybridizers have responded to the call for maintenance-free roses with some breakthrough introductions. Flower Carpet (Zones 5-9) boasts large clusters of blossoms from spring through fall on tidy shrubs that are useful as ground covers. White, pink, yellow, red, and coral selections are also available. Award-winning Knock Out (Zones 5-9) blooms continuously and asks nothing in return. With vibrant single cherry red blossoms, the shrub all but shouts, "Plant me!"

Answered by BHGgardenEditors