hardy climbing roses for the northeast
We just bought a small country house that has a covered, open wooden front porch, south-facing, full sun. We're Zone 5, Sullivan County NY, the soil is poor and rocky. The perimeter of the house was also filled in w/gray stones to take on rain from the roof. I'd love to plant a climbing rose---one that blooms continuously from late spring to fall---to grow up a trellis on one side of the porch. Any recommendations, hardy to our zone? P.S. We also have a deer problem!!!
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Thanks for writing! Unfortunately, there are no roses that are deer-proof --- so you'll have to watch that no matter what rose you plant. But, there are some great hardy roses you can choose from.

One of my favorites is 'William Baffin', a deep pink rose out of Canada. 'John Cabot' is more of a reddish-pink color; it was also bred in Canada and is hardy to Zone 3!

'New Dawn' is a little less hardy than the two Canadian roses, but usually performs well in Zone 5 and has fragrant, pale-pink blooms.

By the way, for more, check out our Plant Encyclopedia: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/plant-dictionary/rose/climbing-rose/

I hope this helps! Good luck!

---Justin W. Hancock
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