Climbing roses won't bloom
"I have two beautiful climbing rose bushes in the same bed about 5-6 feet apart from eachother. The one to the left blooms like mad but the other, to the right, barely blooms at all. I do all the same things to both. The one the blooms is shorter and grows more low to the ground and wants to spread outward, low. The one that never blooms is tall and grows straight up about 8.5 feet. Whats going on with my non bloomer!!! Help!!! Erica Buchanan Hampton Va."
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

You do not say if your roses are the same variety or get about the same amout of sun. I wonder if the one that fails to bloom is close to the edge of the lawn? If so, I suspect it is getting extra nitrogen from the lawn fertilizer. Often if a rose is planted close to the edge of the lawn it will put on a lot of vegetaive growth caused by the extra nitrogen. This is at the expense of flowers. Try to counter the nitrogen with a phosphorus fertilizer to encourage flowers. Also I suggest bending the long stems down into an arc. This should force blooms along the length of the stem.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors