Can they be saved?
I planted two white lace cascading climbing roses in terracotta pots (aprox 11" wide by 16" deep). The roses were kept in the same plastic pots they were purchased in until they were planted in the pots. There is a drain hole and a layer of river rock in the bottom of the pot, Baccto potting soil. After 1 week the plants look dead, like everything has dried up. I watered well after they were planted and had read I should only water aprox 1x a week. What can I do to save these roses?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

It really depends if they are truly dead or not. Scratch the skin of a branch to see if you see any green at all. If the branches are brown and break easily, then your plant is dead. It does sound like they didn't get enough water. Perhaps your terra cotta pots are new and sucked the moisture out of the soil. New terra cotta pots can absorb a lot of soil moisture until they are ""seasoned"". I often soak new terra cotta pots in water for 24 hours before I use them."

Answered by BHGgardenEditors